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As long as I can remember, I have loved dogs. I always found it fascinating to observe their behaviour. I was never allowed to own one as a child, but as soon as I left my parents’ home in 1969, I acquired my first dog, an extremely intelligent mongrel. Due to an accident he died much too early for me. Meanwhile I had to know and value terriers and in 1973, the first Cairn terrier moved into my house.

Through him, I became acquainted with the Terrier Club and shows. It was at a terrier show that I had my first very deciding contact with a Skye terrier belonging to a Dutch breeder. Since it was love at first sight and Mrs. Wijkstra had just at this time puppies my first Skye terrier birch Larrikin´s Rusty joined my Cairn terrier male dog in September 1975. She was to become a champion and the start of my breeding.

Soon the desire was aroused to raise puppies from this bitch and so in June 1976 I applied to the Terrier Club for the breeder’s name - of Morningsky -.

Since none of the Skye terriers, I knew appealed to me in regards to their appearance and character, and after studying many pedigrees and the small amount of Skye literature available, I imported my first male Amity Columbus from America arranged by Mrs. Olga Smid – Olivia Skyes -.

In Mrs Smid I had found a very committed breeder with a wide knowledge, she was to become a very good friend.

At this time the Skye was always observed with scepticism not only from the judges but also from the owners, one would be asked carefully as an exhibitor whether one could touch him. I decided that the improvement of the breed’s character would be my top priority. It was my aim to eliminate the undesirable elements regarding their build and skeleton.

My first litter was born on 22.03.1977. From this litter came the later champion and extremely lovable bitch – Alpha of Morningsky -. In the hands of Tom Horner, she was world winner and Best Terrier in 1979. Many more unforgettable loving Skyes have followed. For several years now, anybody can touch any of my dogs without worrying. Of course, they have retained their nature, in that they react indifferent towards strangers but the animosity and aggression has disappeared from their character.

I imported a second male dog from Olga Smid – Olivia Wild West – in August 1982. He was an enormous gain for my breeding and influenced the Skyes in many European kennels. He handed down to his offspring his amiable character and his excellent carriage.

Olivia Silver Solo, Olivia Heartbeat and Olivia Original Design followed as additional imports.

I have succeeded through objective choice of breed to give this breed an amiable and good-natured character along with a good build with excellent angulations. These criterions are an extremely important in regards to the strain on a short-legged dog. Thus the Skye has a movement with almost seems to be floating.

Over almost 32 Years of breeding, I have exported 48 Skye terriers in 19 different countries. They have built the fundaments in 10 kennels for a successful breed.

Over the years the Skye terriers from my kennels have won 18 World and World youth titles and over 500 Champion or Winners.

One of the crowning achievements of my efforts is the bitch – Here’s Pandora of Morningsky -. She not only achieved 18 winner and Champion titles, but was also the first and only terrier owned by it’s breeder to achieve BOB of Crufts 2002, BOB of the Montgomery Terrier Show in America 2002 and the World Winner Show in Amsterdam 2002; that was after the quarantine was lifted. Moreover, she was in three shows respectively not only English but also American champion, which is even more remarkable since the English and American standards are very different in their aspects. It is thanks to the quality of this dog that she was Top Skye in America. Due to her, I was issued with the honour top breeder in America 2002. She is now 9 Years old, but I see her live on in her off spring.


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